Dear Parent,

              We are looking forward to having your daughter attend Martinsville and Henry County Weekend Camp this year.  We will be working on the council Camp Patch Program plus doing some fun activities on Saturday afternoon.  Girls will need to bring a swimsuit as we will be playing water games Saturday afternoon. Campers will need to arrive between 10:00am and 10:30am Friday morning in the designated drop off area and picked up by 11:00am on Sunday.  Unless a parent has completed training, filled out necessary volunteer paperwork, and has approval from the camp director, a parent can not stay at camp.   Also any camper must be signed out if they leave camp before Sunday.  Girls are assigned to a unit by their age,  Units are broken down into patrols.  Individual patrols will be working on the camp patch for their age level.  Each unit will have a unit leader and an assistant leader.  The leaders are the link to what is happening at camp. Below is a list of what your camper will need to bring with them.

Shorts, shirts, undergarments, and socks for two days

      (shirts must have sleeves - NO tank tops to avoid sunburn)

1 pair of long pants

1 sweatshirt or light jacket

Personal toilet items (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, soap, ect...)

Rain gear

Mess Kit (mesh bag with bowl, cup, plate, fork and spoon)

Extra pair of shoes and socks

Towel and washcloth

Flashlight and extra batteries

Sleeping bag or bedroll

Hat of bandanna

Sandals for around campsite (must have heel or ankle strap)

Bathing suit for water games


Bug repellent

No No's

No flip flops

No electronic games

No cellphones

No extra food

No glass bottles

               If you have any questions feel free to call the Camp Director, Donna Hubbard at (276)632-3555.  We look forward to seeing you daughter at camp this year!