Happy Campers

                Now that you and your daughter have decided on Girl Scout Weekend Camp, we need your help to make her experience the best it can be.  These guidelines have been designed to give you general information about camp.  The suggestions come from camp directiors based on their experiences with campers and parents.  It is important for you to be invoived in your daughter's camp experience by helping her get ready for camp.

                 Please re-read carefully all the information in any material sent to you from camp.  If you have questions contact the camp director.  We want each girl who comes to weekend camp this summer to have a great time.  Camp is physically demanding and your daughter will need plenty of rest.  We want her to be able to enjoy the outdoors, make new friends, learn new skills and have FUN! 


Thank you for sending your daughter to Girl Scout camp!


Camper Health

                      If your daughter has allergies or other medical problems, it is important that they are described on the health history.   If you think you did not do that, or you have new information, please write a note to the camp director describing your daughter's allergies or health problems.   If your daughter is taking medicine - prescription and/or non-prescription it must  be given to the camp nurse/first aider.   

                   Send the medicine in its original container with camper's name,  when to give it,  and how much.   Please let the camp director know of any unusual circumstances or difficulties your daughter may be experiencing at the time of camp.   This information can be very helpful to the camp staff.    If your daughter gets sick at camp,  you will be called and asked to pick her up.

         It is important that the phone numbers and other information on the camp registration form and health history form are correct.  If there is a change, please send a note to the camp director.  If you cannot be reached in an emergency the camp director will call the emergency contact person listed on the health history form.  Please talk to this person before camp so they will know what you want them to do if they are called.